Everything's gone green! Dedicated to any thespians who have played a member of the special forces, and done a wholly and totally unconvincing job.


Gonna make it all work, gonna make it all fit,
gonna make it all make sense somehow.
There's a pattern- I'm sure there's a pattern!
I'm SURE there's a pattern, and I'm gonna figure it out..
Sit back and watch no-one on earth can stop me,
You'll be so proud, I'll be so happy, we'll be the envy of everyone.

Lights out, I can see with the lights out,
I can see and I work out, your every move.

Just a lazy dog, licking at the mouth
of the picture box in front of you.
Wanna know what you need- how to feel complete,
which break from the norm to conform to.
Which fools to suffer, which fools to exalt and sponsor,
how to make it all work, how to make it all fit, how to make it all make sense somehow.

Everyone's seen in nightvision,
Everyone's green in nightvision,
Everyone's seen in nightvision,
and I know where you've been in nightvision.


from Special Dice EP, released July 1, 2010



all rights reserved


When A Train Hits A Truck Nottingham, UK

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